• 🤖 Discover AI Concepts: Learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence in a fun and accessible way.
  • 🌐 Hands-On Coding Projects: Engage in coding activities using visual tools like Scratch to bring concepts to life.
  • 🎨 AI and Creativity: Explore the intersection of AI and creativity through art, storytelling, and more.
  • 💡 Ethical AI: Understand the importance of ethical considerations in the world of AI.

Drone Coding With Python

Improve Your Pytho Skill From Zero To Hero

with out 12 weeks LIVE instruction, 5 days a week, 45 mins each day

Learn to Code Websites, Apps & Games

Private & Group live virtual classes for kids

Give your child the knowledge, experience, and confidence they need to tackle any problems.

VEX IQ Robotics

CodeBrainiac is excited to introduce its first virtual robotics class with VEX IQ. 


Classes start April 2023

Metaverse for kids

CodeBrainiac is excited to launch its first virtual metaverse class for kids. 


Classes start June 2023

Students Learned

Live Instruction

Courses we offer

We are offering a wide variety of courses ranging from beginner to advance level.

All our courses including the beginner courses are hands on. Students will be introduced to coding style, syntax and algorithm from the beginning. Our beginner courses will teach the basics of computer programming in an easy-to-follow manner that can be completed online with no prior knowledge required. Our experienced teachers, almost all of whom are Software Engineers by profession, make learning computer programming fun utilizing the easy-to-use platform! Students will be exposed to the actual programming language, which is substantially more useful than click-and-drag languages like Scratch.

Coding Fundamentals

This course teaches the fundamentals, the building blocks of coding, and introduces students to coding syntax.


Fundamentals of Hyper Text Markup Language and Cascade Style Sheet is taught, taking students from beginner to intermediate level.


Fundamentals of Python is taught and students will go from beginner to intermediate and advanced level. Best choice for future Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses.

Database Design

Fundamentals of Database and how data is persisted in them, teaching students the basics of  Structured Query Language and how to perform CRUD operations.


This course focuses on the basics of Javascript language. It is best suited for beginner to intermediate level.

Web Development

Students will put together their knowledge from Javascript, HTML & CSS and some server side scripts together to build a functioning website.


Object Oriented Programming concept is taught and students will go from beginner to intermediate to advanced level. Great choice for enterprise level experience.

Apps & Games

Introduction to Apps and Games. Students will learn how to create Apps & Games and publish them. What approaches are taken to monetize the apps & games.

Private Classes

Each subscription is billed monthly. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied you can cancel at any time. No questions asked.

Who we are?

CodeBrainiac is an after school program for students K-12 specializing in STEM curriculum mainly teaching kids coding and how to program through live instruction sessions and hands-on practice. Students are having fun while learning basics of programming, how to make computers do things by providing instructions while building some of the essential soft skills needed for today’s competitive world.

Are your classes live or pre-recorded?

All our courses are live. Instructors will be conducting live session and will be available to help througout the class time.

When are classes scheduled?

Class schedules vary depending on levels for group based classes. Here is the link to the schedule, but mostly group based classes are mostly scheduled:

  • Monday – Friday between 5pm EST to 9pm EST
  • Saturday & Sunday 9am EST – 12pm EST

Private 1:1 classes are the most flexible, where CodeBrainiac will work with your availability and preferred schedule.

Do you offer private 1:1 classes

Although most of our classes are group based, but we do offer private 1:1 classes.

How long is each level and how many classes are in each level?

Each level is a 4 weeks long, 8 classes, each class is 45 mins. 

How many coding fundamentals do you offer?

We have 4 coding fundamentals beginner levels and 5 coding fundamentals intermediate levels.

My child has done some coding, can s/he skip some levels and sign up for higher levels?

Yes, they can. However, we do have to ask them to take our assessment test to ensure proper placement. Please contact us to schedule assessment.

What devices are supported? Can my child take class in tablet or smartphone?

The only devices fully supported are PC, tablets and Chromebook. We do not support tablets or any smartphones.

Become an expert

While we benefit and learn from watching others writing programs and creating games, but you can’t become a true expert until you apply your new knowledge. CodeBrainiac is providing every student that opportunity to do hands on coding and our experienced instructors will help you step by step along the way to create a quality code. 

Learn by Doing

Our classes are hands on coding as real engineers would do.

Utilizing the easy-to-use platform, students will be exposed to actual code and syntax , which is substantially more useful than click-and-drag languages like Scratch. Students will get familiarity with codes and how they are written in higher level languages. 

Build your portfolio

Showcase your achievements and be proud of your accomplishments

Join millions of kids who are already learning how to code. Build your portfolio, showcase your achievements, be proud of your accomplishments and have a competitive advantage over other kids.

Achieve your goals

Set your goals and priorities right

You will get lost without concrete goals since there are tons of “tech stuff” you can potentially learn. And learn it in different ways, but with guidance from CodeBrainiac staff and instructors everything will make sense and you can set a clear goal for yourself to achieve.

What Parents Say About Us

Recommends their programs 100%

Faris has learned and enjoyed his coding classes. Thank you

– Lamia

Great course

Great course. Thank you so much. My kids really enjoy the classes and are learning in a fun way.

– Kabir Ziai

Free Classes

Every two weeks we have trial classes so you will have a chance to evaluate the program and services before you commit for a longer term. These classes are designed to find out how much the student already knows and will help to guide them on which program best suits their level.

Premium Courses

We recommend you taking advantage of the free classes to know which program best suits you. However, if you have already gone through that or know which course you want to sign up, then brows through the courses catalog and sign up.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch if you have any questions, or sign up for the course you are interested in.