Summer Roblox Club


Day Per Week

Live Instruction

This summer package caters to students intrigued by video games, offering an engaging opportunity to explore coding through Roblox while enjoying themselves. Throughout this course, participants will delve into programming concepts in an enjoyable manner, alongside acquiring vital soft skills crucial for academic success. Roblox imparts various skills to students, including:

  • Fostering creativity, leadership, and teamwork abilities
  • Facilitating learning in programming, coding, and general computing skills
  • Cultivating mastery in logic, reasoning, and problem-solving aptitudes

Delivered over five days per week, students will convene in a virtual classroom environment, honing algorithmic thinking and nurturing effective programming practices. Designed for grades 2 through 8, the course welcomes participants with any programming background, though prior experience or completion of beginner-level coding fundamentals is beneficial. A stable internet connection and proficiency in using computers and Zoom are also recommended.

Throughout the program, students will explore key Roblox topics such as:

  • Introduction to Roblox Studio
  • Creating simple objects like cubes
  • Basic Lua programming
  • Designing straightforward obstacle courses (Obbies)
  • Implementing traps and scoring systems
  • Incorporating music and sound effects
  • Developing small-scale Obby games

In addition to Roblox-specific content, students will delve into fundamental programming concepts, including:

  • Understanding objects, loops, variables, and arrays
  • Grasping concepts like indexing, functions, and Boolean logic
  • Utilizing conditional statements such as If/Else
  • Composing programs and employing logical operations
  • Enhancing problem-solving skills through practical application
  • Encouraging creativity and imagination in project development
  • Emphasizing teamwork and leadership dynamics
  • Gaining proficiency in general computing principles and coding fundamentals