Summer Roblox Club



Live Instruction

This summer package is ideal for students who are interested in video game and wants to learn how Roblox help them learn coding while having fun. This course will help students understand programming concept in a fun way while teaching them all other soft skills needed to be successful in their academic life. Some of the skills that Roblox will teach students:

  • Roblox teaches kids creativity, leadership and team-playing skills
  • Help them learn programming, coding and overall computing skills
  • Help them master logic, reasoning and problem solving skills

Over the course of 2 weeks, 5 days a week, they’ll join other students in a virtual classroom as they learn to think algorithmically and develop good programming habits. Ideal for grades 2 through 8.

This course is targeted for students with some familiarity with programming or those who have completed Coding Fundamentals Beginner Levels. Students should have reliable internet connection and good understanding/usage of computer and Zoom.

Students will learn some of the major topics of Roblox including:

  • Intro to Roblox Studio
  • How to make a simple cube
  • Intro to Lua (Roblox programming language)
  • Simple one-way Obby
  • Setting and using Traps
  • Setting up scores for players
  • Adding Music/Sounds
  • Make a small Obby game

Along with the above major Roblox topics, students will also learn the fundamentals of programming including:

  • Objects
  • Loops
  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • Indexing
  • Functions
  • Boolean logic
  • If/Else conditionals
  • Program Composition
  • Not Operation
  • Compare values
  • Returning values from a function they wrote
  • This is more hands on student involvement and working with their imagination and creativity
  • General programming and coding concepts
  • Learning logic and decision making skills
  • Leadership and team-playing skills
  • Learning overall computing skills and problem solving skills