Coding Fundamentals - Intermediate Level 1


Instruction Hours


This course is targeted to students who successfully completed all challenges in Coding Fundamentals Level 4 and want to further their understanding of programming. This course will address Common Core State Standards CSTA K – 12 Computer Science Standards including Algorithms, Variables, Control, Modularity and Program Development through a set of challenges.

Some key concepts to cover includes:

    • Sequencing
    • Lists
    • For Loops
    • Range
    • Variables
    • Slice
    • If/Else
    • While loops
    • Boolean operators
    • Functions

In this 4 weeks course, they’ll join other students in a virtual class as they learn to think algorithmically and develop good programming habits using Python. Ideal for grades 7 through 12 (or even younger if they’ve gone through Coding Fundamentals Level 4).