Coding Fundamentals - Intermediate Level 5


Instruction Hours


This course is targeted to students who successfully completed all challenges in Python Level 3 and want to further their understanding of programming. Coding Chatbots takes game-based learning to the next level as students complete over 70 coding exercises. In the course, students 13 years and older learn Python as they program and play a word guessing game with a chatbot program they wrote

Some key concepts to cover includes:

    • Input/Output (send/read)
    • Variables
    • Strings
    • Operators in/not in
    • If else (elif)
    • Range
    • Lists
    • Integers
    • Classes
    • For Loops, While loops, Functions, While loops, ASCII Codes, Random

In this 4-week course, students will learn the above concepts and how to talk better about programming concepts and explain them to others. Ideal for grades 7 through 12 (or even younger if they’ve gone through Python Level 3).